Friday, May 9, 2014

The Night Gwen Stacy Got Fridged

This was originally was going to be a post on the issues I had with The Amazing Spiderman 2, but while trying  to collect my thoughts on the entire movie, I realized my mind kept coming back to one thing.  I'll stop now to point out that this post is going to be full of spoilers. So turn back if you want to experience the train wreck for yourself ;)


So, we're going to talk about the That Scene.  You know the one. The one most of us predicted over a year ago when we saw Emma Stone wearing a green coat.  Even though I knew it was going to happen, I hoped that the movie would veer away from the comic, and Peter would save Gwen.


I wanted the movie to keep Gwen alive so much.  I love Emma's portrayal of Gwen, and the real life relationship between her and Andrew shines through the movie.  Their relationship has its highs and its lows, and the chemistry created by Andrew and Emma helps me to relate to them.  Gwen and Peter's relationship was my favourite part of AS2.  They fight, they break-up.  The awkwardness between the two is palpable when Gwen extends the olive branch when she wants her friend back.  When she asks Peter if he's been following her, he hides himself behind a small tree.  They feel like a real couple.

Let me just swoon over these cuties~

However, Gwen has a life outside her relationship with Peter.  She wants to further her education, even if it takes her across the ocean.  She even initially handles the change the way I imagine an 18 year old to handle it: by being all for it, even if it means leaving her boyfriend behind.  I think that is a wonderful message for girls coming out of high school.  They need to put themselves first, and if college is what they want, nothing should hold them back from achieving that dream.  Sure, after talking with Peter, they decide to make the move together, the decision is still about Gwen, and furthering her desires and not Peter's desires.

So we'll fast forward several minutes later in the movie.  Green Goblin has shown up. And appearance in the movie felt like he was only included to kill Gwen. Because that's all he does.   I have plenty of issues with that, but this post isn't about a poorly written Green Goblin.

Even though I knew what was going to happen, the moment Green Goblin took Gwen, my chest tightened.  Her death could happen at any moment.  When he dropped her above the clock tower, I turned to my boyfriend, muttering about how stressful this was getting.

This is what movie stress looks like...

Peter did catch her, and they crashed through the tower. My hope began to restore at this point.  She wasn't going to die. Then she slipped off a gear. But Peter was able to catch her again, but only by his web.  Green Goblin began to attack Peter, with Gwen suspended off a gear.
Hang in there Gwen.

 And as the clock turned, the gear with the webbing began to circle to the next gear.  If the gears meet, the webbing would snap, sending her plummeting down the clock tower.  Peter realizes this, and tries to stop the gears during the struggle.  It doesn't work, and the web snaps.

I just can't with this movie anymore...

He tires his damnedest to reach her.  My favourite moment during this sequence is when he shoots his web, and we follow it down to Gwen.  When it nearly catches her, the end of the strands reach for her in the shape of a hand.  It was really beautiful. And then the movie turned ugly.

Right as the web catches her, she snaps back, smashing her head against the ground.  And it was shown to us. In slow motion.  I'm fairly desensitized to violence and death in media, but I felt that they way the audience was shown her dying was gratuitous. I also feel that by having her head hit the concrete, took away some of Peter's responsibility for her death.  He didn't actually kill her, her hitting the ground did.  Even if he didn't reach her, she would have died at that moment.  There is nothing  that Peter could have done at that point to save her, so we can't entirely blame him for her death.

This is one of those moments where I feel like the approach from the comic would have worked best.  It would also punch the audience harder in the feels. Peter could have caught her midair, yards above the ground. The whiplash would have snapped her neck. The shots could then be filmed from Peter's perspective (not first person).  We could see him pulling her up, so excited that he saved her.  The audience would be relived that Peter succeeded. Then we would slowly digest that Gwen's head was lolling at an odd angle, and that she wasn't moving at the same time Peter began to realize it. We, as an audience, would also realize that Peter killed her, albeit by accident, but he still killed her.

 Her death happened so late in the movie that Peter wasn't given an appropriate time to grieve, and we the audience could not connect with him during this emotional time.  The movie gave him the Twilight approach. We just see him at Gwen's grave over the course of several seasons.  That's what we saw Bella do in New Moon after Edward left her. Instead of actually allowing us to connect with the character, we just are forced to see her sitting in front of a window for for months.

If the point of Gwen's death is to give Peter the sad, then she should have died at the end of the first act. That way, the second act could be about Peter grieving and giving up Spiderman. The Third act would be him realizing that he's needed and he has to grow and learn from the accident. While I don't agree with fridging women for the sake of male growth, I would prefer if they take that approach, they handle the male's emotional journey appropriately and realistically, and not just shove it for the last five minutes of the movie.

Preferably, I would have liked Gwen to stay alive.  But they wrote her like she had a death wish.  She could have told Peter how to reset the power grid.  She could have kept herself safe, but they had her tag along.  It felt like the entire movie was made for the sole purpose of bringing the iconic Spiderman story line to the big screen.  And that's not fair to Gwen's character.  The first movie, and the first half of AS2, spent the entire time turning her into a wonderful, relatable character, who had dreams and ambitions outside of her relationship. Instead she was killed to give Peter the sad.

Gwen Stacy, you deserve so much better then to be used as a tool to enhance a man's story.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Sylveon, Umbreon, and the Dichotomy of Dark and Girly

I've been rather happy with the surge of creativity I've gotten in terms of amigurumi these past couple of weeks.  The new Eeveelution, Sylveon,  inspired me greatly: it's feminine and complex with wonderful, pastel colours.  I knew when I got one in the game that I would need to crochet one up.

While tedious because of all of the different parts, I really enjoyed working on her.  She is supposed to have another set of long ribbons from the bow at her neck, but they were too much on such a chubby and small amigurumi.  She also didn't need anymore weight on her front, she already had issues standing on her feet. I remedied that by  squashing her feet out from under her.

The next night, I worked on Umbreon, my second favourite Eeveelution. Its a weird dichotomy, but the two Eeveelutions are a very simplistic version of me.  Dark and 'goth' and this love for all things 'girly.'  I've been like this for as long as I can remember, and had a habit of confusing classmates who prescribed to the idea that everyone fit into neat little labels.  I never did.  In my first year at my art college, I went to a school function in a black corset top, long black skirt (with a slit), black lace up boots, and rainbow tights. My roommate commended me for my outfit, until she saw the tights.  I simply told her that's how I was.  I love black and colours, and I love putting them together even more. But, back to crochet...

Umbreon became my go to Pokemon in generation 4, when I caught a female Eevee.  My aspirations for her were to become an Espeon, but my brother game me one sometime during that time, and I realized Espeon wasn't that great (there were much better psychic pokemon), so I went for Umbreon since I hadn't used one yet.  I feel in love with her instantly, and kept her through multiple games.  Pomegranate is still on my Soul Silver game~

She whipped up rather quickly; the design is much more simplistic then Sylveon. The only thing that I would change about her is crocheting up the body with a smaller hook.  I thought about it, and forgot to do so. 

Both are available in the shop! You'll also see spoilers to my next blog post if you only follow here :3

Mandarin~ <3

Friday, September 13, 2013

Scuba Girl Pattern for Sale!

I got a request to write up a pattern for this gal earlier in the week. I hadn't thought about selling my patterns before, and decided to give it a try. Check it out!

Mandarin <3

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Cupcakes and Scuba Gear

Since the semester is winding down, I found myself with more free time then usual. So I decided to fill it with crafting~ I've worked on a couple of dresses, but in one case, the silhouette did not look good on my, and the fabric on the other was unpleasant to work with. Luckily, the fabric on both was from the bargain section at JoAnns, so it really wasn't a loss, just a learning experience~ 

Since those didn't pan out, and we've been watching lots of movies and shows lately, I had time to crochet. I've been wanting a cozy for my smart phone for sometime now because I don't want the screen to get scratched while its in my purse. I also wanted something cute and girly, so I decided it needed to be a cupcake and it needed to be pink and mint, my second favourite colour combination besides black and...well black. Originally, I used this fluffy pink yarn for the frosting, but when I had to scallop the edges, it got too bulky and I hated how it looked. [I loved that yarn too...]  Oh well, I love the finished product and its now available in my shop :3
Next thing I worked on was an Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite amigurmiri.  She's been a challenge for because I tried at the beginning of summer too. This latest attempted was okay, and I learned a lot about needle felting wool to the doll heads for hair, which was one of my goals going into the project. I hope to have a version of her out soon. 

Since Elizabeth didn't work out, I set my sights on another Bioshock character. This time I chose my lovely daughter Eleanor.  I have a special fondness for Eleanor. Because of certain actions you the player make in the game Bioshock 2, Eleanor learns from you. Unlike other games where the AI is programmed from the get go to behave a certain way, the decisions made lead Eleanor to take a variety of paths.  In my case, I taught her how to kill, and it crushed me. Next time I play, I'm making sure that she doesn't learn that lesson... 

So I love Eleanor as my fictional daughter and I wanted to create another Bioshock ami, so I whipped out my own Eleanor today. 

I'm so happy with how she turned out. I love her chubby little body and her big head. She's my baby~

Until next time!
 Mandarin~ <3

Friday, July 12, 2013

Chubby Cheeks and Butts

So, even though I've been away from my blog for over six months, I have actually been productive. Not only with my school, but also with my crochet. Seriously, it was a crazy semester in terms of crocheting, writing, animating and drawing. 

Why was I so busy crocheting? Because I decided to have a table during a Con my college hosted called CogsCog. That photo above was all the items I made. I've never attended an event like this or sold my crochet pieces in public. It was an experience. 

I actually decided to have a table around the time of my last "real" post back in January.  Though I knew the event would be intimate, I still needed a stockpile of cuties to sell. So I started crocheting my little heart out between writing a 20 page research paper, several animation projects and plenty of drawing exercises. I whipped up several Takochus and Jellyfish, Slender-chans and Pikachus. After a Christmas rush last year where I had to crochet twenty Slendermen and Slender-chans for my etsy store in one week, finals week at that, I knew this would be easy-peasy. I plan to do it again next year, and my brother says I should do Fanime too. Now that would be daunting.

               My humble little table later in the day at CogsCon~

I also felt that I needed to come up with something different for the Con, so I made a Chubby Pikachu. I'm really into  chubby things right now because they are extra cute to me. I just want to cuddle chubby things. So I made this Pikachu. The picture does not do his chubby butt justice. 

So, I like that body type, but after the Con, I wanted to try something different then my usual body types and structures. I wanted something more complicated, so I made a Pikachu with little arms and legs. I also decided to change the heads as well and gave my Pikachu the cutest chubby cheeks. 

 I love this body type so much. It's so versatile and adorable. It appeals to me with the big head, small body and oversized ears and tail. I went on to make a tailless Squirtle and a Gothita.

 I sent the Squirtle to my little sister since she has a new-found love for my favourite starter. 

Also during all of this, Bioshock Infinite came out, and I became sucked into the Bioshock franchise. I like it as much as I like Pokemon, and Pokemon is in my top 3 games. I played through 1 and fell in love with 2. So many feels :0 I couldn't contain myself and had to create a Big Sister, since I've seen a few Big Daddies and Little Sisters crochets around. 

 I made her before the body change, so I want to remake her (or just her body) with the new body. I think she'd be much cuter~

There was a Snorlax, and you can see him in the first picture. I made him with the chubby butt and I only made one. He was for the Cogscon raffle. 

What am I working on know? This awesome Icee drawstring bag created by Twinkie Chan. I'll update you all when I finish that baby~

Kiss kiss~

Oh, hey! I have a Blog!

Yeah, it's been a long while since I've posted. I decided I needed to refocus the blog, so I have updated the name and URL...again. I want this blog to have a primary focus on my crochet, so I wanted to rebrand it back to me since the last title was too much like a crochet book I own. So I'm back and ready to update~

Kiss kiss~

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Dratini Amigurumi

So I crocheted this cutie up over the last couple of weeks. It didn't take very long [I had not touched it in about a week], and it used one ball of Red Heart With Love in  bluebell and a partial ball in eggshell.

I used this pattern:
Originally, I  did try to knit it, but it wasn't working out for me. That's why Dratini ended up crocheted.

I love it~